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Shock and Awe by blinkpen Shock and Awe by blinkpen
Somebody on tumbr asked for an image of The DJ using chain lightning on a group of baddies. I said it was a neat idea, the issue being, the DJ is a baddie.

Well, sort of. Maybe. Nobody's entirely sure, but as far as it stands now, he’s chaotic neutral at best and while he can be a cool guy as long you’re not in his way or his target, if you ARE in his way or his target, he’s pretty ruthless, and he is not exactly a hero. So yeah, him being pretty powerful/competent when he wants to be while simultaneously being unpredictable makes him a pain in the ass for everybody.

He reoccurs as a villain/antagonist quite often, actually, though on occasion he’ll help the mains if he feels like it, either because he hates who they’re after too or for shits n giggles. But I can’t blame people for not getting that he’s not a good guy since the show isn’t out there yet to see his schemes and such, combined with his goofiness and fondness for Boo ((stemming from him being one of those types of villains that doesn’t deliberately hurt small children)), but I don’t want to spoil all the plots yet just to clear the confusion! We'll just have to be patient. UvU

I haven’t exactly been shy implying or downright showing showing his criminal/wanted status or destructive behavior though…

Artwork and characters are mine, please do not copy, edit, or redistribute without prior permission. Thank you!
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Detricthomas Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Y'know, now that I think about it, would this actually kill them, or would they just have severe burns, and prefer taking the Kenny route afterwards or something?
blinkpen Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
If they do die, they'll respawn shortly after. If they live, Cleo is probably the most damaged of them, and HG probably got some wicked shock-burns. 20Q is a ferrumite, meaning that thanks to his bio-metal body, he conducts electricity rather than be actually damaged by it. It probably still hurts, and it'll daze him while it's in effect, but once he recovers he's pretty much unscathed.
Marnodor Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great :)
Almost reminds me one of those big canvases where it has like a back lit neon glow which in this case would fit well for the lightning you have going on here, would have been cool looking ;)
Great looking image overall, clean and stylish.
kitten700 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Such an unpredictable guy :'D
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January 31, 2013
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