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Drops by blinkpen Drops by blinkpen
I’ve found a good way to cope is to focus less on hating other people and things you can’t control, and more on what you love, and your skills and goals. It’s hard to achieve happiness if you’re holding onto bitterness, which is also unhealthy and takes a lot out of you, and there are much better ways one can expend that energy.

Dropping them can be hard to do, but I know first hand that holding onto grudges is exhausting and futile, and even though much of my drive to succeed comes from a desire prove wrong those who throughout my life told me to give up, I don’t think about those people on a daily basis, or hold animosity against them anymore. The day I was able let go, to stop caring about them as they had stopped caring about me, was the day a great deal of stress I didn’t even realize I’d pent up was able to fall away as well. My resentment towards people who weren’t even factors in my life had been holding me back more than I had realized.

I’m starting to sound like a fortune cookie here, but hatred is a most unwholesome parasite. It’s easy to catch, it’s easy to spread, and yet very hard to remove, of course. But as a parasite, once left on its own, it will wither and die. It needs a host to feed it, to act on its behalf, because without one, it is powerless.

I do not want to be a host anymore.

I would have put this in the next compilation of misc drawings but I guess I wanted it to be by itself.
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This speaks to me on so many levels. Especially since not-so-recently I figured this out. This is lovely and should be spread around for everyone to see.
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